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Charles’ 6 Keys To Selling

Over Cluttering Your Home

If a prospective buyer likes your home, they will most certainly picture their own furniture in it. If you have too much furniture and your personal things are taking up too much space, the rooms will seem smaller than they actually are, leaving buyers with the “I don’t know if my couch will fit” feeling. This means simple and easy flowing rooms.


We all love having pictures of family and friends around the house; however, when its time to sell, we want prospective buyers to see the openness of the house and to visualize their own pictures and furniture. We don’t want them to get distracted by i.e. - “the family trip to Hawaii pictures running up the wall of the staircase”. Depersonalizing your house isn’t just a good way to attract buyers, but it’s also a great way to get a head start on packing.

Keeping Your Home Tidy

When a buyer is coming to view your home, the last thing you want to do is have your house in disarray. Let’s put ourselves in the buyers’ shoes for second. Would we be interested in a house if there are clothes thrown on the floor, beds unmade and there are dirty dishes in the kitchen sink? The answer is no. An untidy house even though it may be brand new, or newly renovated, can still put doubt in the minds of the buyers and leave them with a less than great experience during that viewing. We want to use every resource possible in order to have the best opportunity for success, this means keep the house clean and tidy for those buyers.

It Works!

When a prospective buyer likes your property and wants to have an inspection done, you want to make sure that the inspection goes as smoothly as possible. We can’t always fix and know everything that may need a minor adjustment in our home, but we can most certainly repair those apparent ones. If you are aware of something that needs to be repaired, take the initiative and fix it i.e.- an outlet shorted out, the sink in the bathroom is leaking, the oven isn’t working, etc.... If the issue is something apparent, there is a 100% chance the inspector will point it out to the buyer. Remember, we want to alleviate any negative feelings or doubt and especially when a buyer is close to purchasing, this is the most critical time.


There are different strategies in pricing your house and the first one is to price based on the current market conditions. As a guideline you will usually be in the correct range as long as you don’t over extend your pricing boundaries. This means avoid over inflated listing prices as it can scare buyers away. The next one is to look at the comparable sales in the area. These sales will help determine a price point to use based on the highest sales and the lower ones. Lastly, look at the current active listings of comparable houses in the same neighbourhood. If you can price your house aggressively as the “Best Deal” you’ll get a lot more interest and a greater amount of showings. Aggressive pricing=More Showings=Increased chances for an offer…and eventually the Sale of your property.

Trust Your Realtor

I know the pricing and negotiating process in a real estate transaction can be a stressful and difficult experience. I can assure you that this is a normal feeling to have and you need to trust your Realtor to help make the best decisions for you, and your loved ones. As an experienced professional in evaluating homes, it is my job to determine what factors add up to the potential selling price. These factors will vary from house to house but the main thing that you can do as a Seller is trust the Realtor you choose.

The Finishing Touch

Here are the last few tips on attracting those buyers. Having a nice bouquet of flowers is a nice touch as it will put a smile on most peoples faces. Keep your home smelling fresh and inviting. Avoid using powerful spices before an open house or a showing. Lastly, when temperatures become overwhelmingly hot or cold, make sure to adjust the temperature to a comfortable and inviting level.

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